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My approach

‘Light’ is an ever-recurring theme in my life and work' says Heleen whose fascination with what effect light can have on the world around us, stems from a very young age.

'Photography for me is about the quest to discover and to make manifest the various forms and shapes of light. Where light and darkness touch each other, or light and matter, where light reflects on its surroundings, a new dimension appears. As such, light is an ever-recurring theme in my life and work.'


We simply cannot register light. Only in the interplay with its environment something of the ‘entity’ of light becomes visible.


Sometimes self-contained, abstract images materialize where the subject no longer plays any role of significance. Only the image itself is left: that what happens in the reciprocity between light and its surroundings. They’ve become living compositions.

With light being her Leitmotiv, Heleen's portfolio is rather diverse when it comes to the subjects and objects she catches in front of her camera.


ARS Aemula, Leiden


Liefde, ZomerExpo                       Gemeentemuseum, The Hague 


de Baak Art Gallery, Noordwijk


Fotografie Heleen Arends
Oude Raadshuis, Aalsmeer



Royal Academy of Art The Hague